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Instead of the “normal” Saturday Club Ride this coming weekend (4/23), come join us up in Germantown for the Bricknic!

For the Brick:

Clip-in at 7:30 or 9:00 am depending on distance.
Cue Sheets

For the ‘Nic:

The ‘Nic will start around 11:30 AM. Lots of tasty treats (burgers, dogs, veggie burgers, fixings) will all be provided by the club, along with some fabulous volunteers to cook it all up. The rest (sides, desserts, etc.) is up to you!

Please help out by bringing something according to your last name:

  • Aa-Bu: Dessert
  • By-Du: Side dish (chips ok)
  • Dv-Ha: Dessert
  • He-La: Vegetarian option – side dish
  • Le-Mo: Fruit
  • Mr-Ri: Drinks (gatorade, juice, etc)
  • Rm-St: Side dish (no chips)
  • Su-Zy: Veggie side

Volunteer: Volunteers help make events like these possible! If you’re available to volunteer for the Bricknic, please email We need gear watchers, a grill master and others!

RSVP Here: Germantown BrickNic so that the club can plan for food.