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Elise Serbaroli

Hi folx!

My name is Elise Serbaroli and I have been Director of Gear since April ‘23.  I have developed a good working relationship with Cutaway (our partner for gear-related orders). I’m responsible for assuring that new members get their new member kits and opening our club shop for special order periods (there’s one happening now! Order by Nov 1!).

This year I re-designed the new member shirts and will continue to update our swag offerings. As an active board member, I’m working on getting the club a new website/member connection platform.

I joined the DCTri club through the 2019 NTP program and have really enjoyed getting to know more and more club members and now giving back to a club that has brought so much to my life!

I welcome any and all feedback from club members. You can reach me at

I hope to continue in this role for the foreseeable future!