Reply To: Gear 101 Follow-Up Questions

David Eng

Road ID comes as a wrist or shoe bracelet containing emergency medical information such as emergency contact, blood type, etc. You should wear one in case you get into an accident while running/biking/swimming outside alone.

Tri tops/shorts are usually more expensive than training tops/bottoms, so you do not want to use the tri ones too often for training unless you like to replace them every year, especially when you swim in chlorinated pools with them. Most people only wear the tri ones for racing and for a couple pre-race training workouts to break them in and check for fit, comfort, chafing issues. During my first year, I wore my tri one-piece suit exclusively for cycling because I didn’t want to spend money buying extra cycling shorts. I did not use it for running/swimming though, because I already have training clothes for those. Someone else can recommend a women’s brand, but it seems that you normally get what you pay for. If you buy something on the cheap end (whether racing or training clothes/gear), it won’t last or it won’t be as comfortable. I’ll try to find something that’s one step above the cheapest gear, and look for a place with a good return policy like REI even if I ended up using the gear and didn’t like it. Or like Mark said, DC Tri gear is usually pretty good quality but I do recommend trying on the DCT gear for the right size during the upcoming Fit Kit try-on sessions. There are no returns/refunds/exchanges on DCT gear as far as I know.

-David Eng