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    Inaugural Jones Point Park Boundary Stone Trail Run, Alexandria, Virginia, Wednesday, March 13, 6 pm

    It’s high time there was a regular weekday run in Alexandria. Let’s make it a trail and grass run, or asphalt if you like, at the militarily historic Jones Pt. Park near the Wilson Bridge. And take advantage of the extra hour of daylight from Spring Forward.

    Meet on Wednesday, March 13, at the ancient lighthouse on the Potomac riverfront. Runners can do one or two 2.8K loops around the park. (Distances are estimated.)


    The run course: From the lighthouse, go to the right or east, then left or north under the bridge, and all the way up to the northern edge of the park. Then west before heading to the left or southwest to Green St., then south to under the bridge, then to the left or east back to the lighthouse portion of the park, cutting right or southeast back to the lighthouse. (To make it a 3K or 6K, at Green St. run west to Fairfax St., then east back to Lee St., doing this once or twice.)

    Total elevation: About zero

    You can run on grass or dirt for almost the whole route. Or on asphalt for a fair amount of it if you like.

    There’s parking at the lot on the northeast side of the bridge, accessible from Royal St.

    The nearest metro stop is a ways away: King St. Run course is right off the Mt. Vernon bike trail.

    Energy drinks will be provided.

    Afterwards we will head to District Taco at 701 S. Washington St.

    Questions? Contact savvyveteran at gmail dot com

    Happy harriers unite.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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