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    Killian O’Rourke

    Hello everyone!

    I have just joined the club and the NTP as I am new to all of this! I look forward to connecting with everyone and am excited to learn all I can. I recently moved to DC (Navy Yard) from Ohio and work in aviation. I come with a running background, newfound passion for cycling, and learning about the swimming side of things. One question off the bat would be USAT membership: is it recommended to get the 1 year membership or just the one time event pass?


    Evan Shinbaum

    Hi Killian, and welcome! In general, if you have the finances available, then it would pay for itself to just get the 1-year USAT membership, though there’s no real rush to do it until it is close to your race time. Basically if you do two races it will pay for itself, plus being a member gives you access to a handful of discounts of official partners which can also come in handy. But if your plan is to just do one tri for a bucket list or something and then be done then a one-time event pass would be the way to go.


    To learn more about swimming, you might keep your eyes open for clinics at the Catholic U pool. The bike rides starting in spring out of Georgetown is another thing to watch out for.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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