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    A quick refresher on running etiquette (especially group running) and safety. As a runner, I always considered myself pretty good with the rules of the road, but when I started cycling, it definitely helped to make me an even more aware runner (now having seen things from the cyclist’s view). Remember, runners and bikers have to share the road/trail. Please be aware and courteous for your safety and for the safety of those around you. Tri karma goes a long way!

    • Never run more than two abreast when you are with a group. You must leave room for someone to pass. Do not force other runners, pedestrians or cyclists off of the path. If you are in a particularly busy area, run single file.
    • Always stay to the right unless you are passing someone. Be very careful merging left into a passing lane. A cyclist, another runner or roller blader could be passing you and you don’t want to get run over from behind.
    • Always look both ways before entering or exiting a path, when you are approaching intersections and at drinking fountains.
    • Always stay to the right unless you are passing someone. Be very careful merging left into a passing lane. Let a person know if you are passing from behind – “On your left!” works well.
    • Never litter. If there are no trash cans, if you brought it in, you must bring it out (or I will personally come kick your butt! ).
    • Be considerate of those around you and remember that others may be using the same path, trail or road that you are.
    • Always carry proper identification, including relevant medical information (name, blood type, allergic reactions, emergency contact with phone number). There are companies that make ID tags for this very purpose, such as Road ID (a DC Tri Merchant Partner – stay tuned for an update on the club discount).
    • Run in populated/familiar areas.
    • Run in daylight. If you must run at night, only venture into well-lit areas and wear brightly-colored or reflective clothes.
    • Obey all traffic laws and run facing traffic.
    • As your runs get longer and days get warmer, be sure that you are carrying enough hydration and nutrition.
    • Carry money in case you become ill or injured—enough to take a taxi or bus if available, or enough to make a phone call if needed. If you run in less-traveled or more remote areas, carry a cellular phone, but don’t rely on it as sometimes you may not have cell service in remote areas.
    • If you run with an iPod, make sure to keep the volume at a level so you can hear what’s going on around you. If running at night, please consider leaving the iPod at home. DC is a pretty safe city and if you keep your eyes and ears open when out and about, you’ll stay safe.
    • Maintain a general sense of self-awareness at all times. You may have the right of way, but if a cyclist or driver feels otherwise, the runner will always lose.
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