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    USAT has announced some of the top seeds for the club’s Karaoke happy hour this Thursday:

    Courtney Benedict–Talented musician has sung the National Anthem at the start of the Rock n Roll Marathon & other sports events.

    Cynthia Steele-No known vocal ability, but is a manager at the Kennedy Center, so is surrounded by musical talent, which may have rubbed off.

    Kyoko Kwai–Coined the term karaoke.

    Abby Sanford Pittman–Now lives out West, but has strong roll n roll voice, and may call in.

    Dave Eng–Tho from The Bronx,  singer/guitarist is big fan of the Nashville sound.

    Tuan Nguyen–Has picked National Anthem singers & trumpet players for PeasantMan Triathlon, may hire a stand-in.

    Ron Benedict-The “reverend” of cycling is known for his gospel singing style.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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