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    Highly regarded WheelNuts shop in Alexandria is having a fire sale on its wetsuits:

    “We’ve decided to sell our entire wetsuit rental fleet. My staff and I are going through each suit carefully mending any knicks and cuts with neoprene cement so that they are fully functional, we will be finished today. I have not made a public announcement but wanted to check if you would promote the offer to your respective audiences. They would appreciate the opportunity. The suits had an MSRP $250 to $300 when brand new plus tax.

    Any suit in our fleet will be $75 cash or $80 paid with Credit Card including sales tax. It is a bargain. These suits will have visible neoprene repairs, but heck suits are worn in dark murky water and on dry land for only a few minutes. Ain’t no fashion show! (though show up at any race and you will think otherwise! LOL). Great suits as a trainer and even a primary suit.”


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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