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Be wary of the flat bike course in Rock Hall if it’s your first race – the temptation to hammer away is very strong and have no doubt – you will pay for that on the run.  The run is flat as well – but it’s hot and you can mess yourself up really badly if you’re not careful.  When I did the race in 2015 a fellow in good shape went way too hard on the swim and bike and paid the price with heat stroke in the run – he literally almost died.  Had to be medevaced for an organ transplant in Baltimore.  Given the ridiculously late start of the swim waves, I really recommend not/not wearing a wetsuit if it’s even close to being on the bubble for a wetsuit legal swim.  Better to be a scosche slower and cool than overheat/dehydrate out of the swim and be in arrears on hydration for the rest of the race.