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David Eng

Please excuse spelling errors or missing last names.

Spirit of DC Tri: Joyce Jones, cos lbvs, she’s cheery AF!

Club Member of the Year: Becky Hirself,  for organizing all the club races and and all the other things I don’t know about.

Most improved, female: Cindy Hutchings. I hundo p. agree with dsgrunning.

Most improved, male: David Payne, This dude is a bit sus, but I’m a huge #stan, cuz he’s been quietly improving his Ironman record from 14:37 (2013 Lake Placid) to 11:35 (2017 Louisville).

Rookie, female: Janeth Rivera, she’s a fighter and finished her first tri this year with NTP.

Rookie, male: Balaji, he’s super active in his first year, participating in NTP, club duathlon, splash and dash, Saturday rides, training/camping weekend, etc etc.

Veteran, female: Holli Finneren, cuz she crushed it at Kona.

Veteran, male: Sean Casey, this dude slays, conquering Otillo and North Pole marathon.