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    It is that time of the year. Triathlon race season is winding down and we start to look back over the course of the year. At our races. At the friends we made. At the fun that we have had. Every year at the club’s Annual Meeting & Kona Viewing Party, we give out some fun awards to our members nominated and voted on by their teammates! Put on your thinking cap and reflect back over the year to gather your nominees!

    We are now accepting nominations for the following awards for the 2017 year:

    Brady Nelson Memorial* Spirit of DC Tri (cheers everyone on, wears DC Tri, etc.; essentially the DC Tri Club mascot)
    Club Member of the Year (someone who represents the Club as a whole)
    Most Improved (male/female)
    Rookie of the Year (male/female) (their first year doing triathlon)
    Veteran Athlete of the Year (male/female) (not their first year doing triathlon)

    If you would like to nominate someone for one of these categories, please do so below. Nominees must be current Club members. The nominees will be included on the ballot with the Board of Directors elections and the winners will be announced at the Annual Meeting & Kona Viewing Party on a date to be announced. Please submit all nominations by 11:59 pm on Tuesday October 31st.

    We ask that you, please nominate people for discrete categories. And yes, people can be nominated for multiple categories (though nominating someone for both rookie and veteran might be a bit questionable).

    Happy Club Award Nomination Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

    Treasurer | DC Triathlon Club

    *If you would like to learn more about Brady Nelson and why we are honoring him with a memorial award, please visit this Facebook link and read the comments: Brady Nelson Memorium»


    I nominate Rob Bartusch for most improved male.  His first half this year, while injured was 7:30 at Kinetic.  He worked that down to 5:30 for a later half and did a full in 12:38:02.   He ended the season with 1st in the military male group and 4th in his AG for Waterman’s Olympic.  He’s made great improvements this year by working his tail off and putting the time in.


    A few of the deserving:

    Spirit, female: Joyce Jones, enduring fast veteran & MOCO leader

    Spirit, male: David Jiang, club videographer creates pictures with his runs

    Member of year, female: Kelly Lefler, ranges from NTP mentor to Elite performer

    Member, male: Bryan Frank, perennial top performer is board stalwart

    Most improved, female: Kyoko Kawai, from injury list to podiums

    Most improved, male: Glenn Thomas, from rock climbing to podiums

    Rookie, female: Belinda Lee, NTP multi-medalist

    Rookie, male: Steven Moses, subatomic scientist speeds the trails

    Veteran, female: Becky Hirself, fast triathlete tightly manages club races

    Veteran, male: Tuan Nguyen, PeasantMan organizer organizes Sunday rides & yearly IMs.




    Brady Nelson Memorial* Spirit of DC Tri: Rob Read. Such a giver. Always volunteers.  Organizes and arranges carpools from Cap Hill.
    Club Member of the Year: Joyce Jones (mother of smiles!)
    Most Improved: Jan Bauer
    Veteran Athlete of the Year: Pat Ramos.

    Ronald Adomako

    (Male) Rookie of the Year: Ronald Adomako

    Ronald Adomako joined DC Tri shortly after moving from the Greater New York City region.  As  he was living in New Jersey, he’d bike around the neighborhood when he did errands as a way to avoid owning a car.  He’d run to stay fit and go to the gym for swimming.  Shortly after the 2016 olympics, he realized he exercising all three sports of a triathlon discretely, thus he dared to compete in Harriman State Park for its 9/11 beginner’s triathlon- aquathlon weekend.


    He failed at this competition.  Although Ronald was physically fit, he wasn’t psychologically prepared for his first open water swim.  He asked to be pulled out of the race after 300 yards in the 1k swim.  When he moved to the District of Columbia-Maryland-Virginia (DMV) area, he found Wilson’s pool where he met David Payne and Catharine Myung, as Master swim coaches.   Ron bit his time to join the New Triathlete Program for year 2017 and overcome the hurtles of swimming.

    The program began with over 200 prospective NTPers and ended with nearly 50 who sought it through.  From start to finish, Ron persevered through the program.  Ron has brought tremendous enthusiasm and color to the spring 2017 NTP class.  The swim was a major hurtle for Ron, but he broke through his plateau of the sprint distance during Peasantman and progressed to the olympic distance for the Jamestown goal race.  He is currently in post recovery from the Kidner Procedure, in New York, a genetic condition of an extra foot bone that causes pressure on a lateral foot band (muscle).

    Ron quietly toughed through a half year of continues training while he brought fervor to the Saturday morning bike rides and soaked up the clinical resources DC Tri had to offer.  He found that pursuing triathlons has been inspirational to himself, other African Americans, and many folks at large.  It is this reason why he decided to go through with the surgery – to continue racing in the long run.  He has resumed walking as of Fall 2017 and seeks to do his next race in Spring 2018.  I recommend Ronald Adomako for his perseverance, enthusiasm, and inspiration as rookie of the year 2017 in the male category.



    So, the nomination process is open?  Not an anonymous process?


    <b>Brady Nelson Memorial* Spirit of DC Tri</b> :  Belinda Campbell
    <b>Club Member of the Year</b> : Jay Kay Walsh
    <b>Most Improved Male: Bipin Badhe</b>

    <b>Most Improved Female: </b>
    <b>Rookie of the Year Male: Ronald Adomako</b>

    <b>Rookie of the Year Female:  Javaz Huntington</b>
    <b>Veteran Athlete of the Year Male: Ed Moser</b>

    <b>Veteran Athlete of the Year Female: Catherine Myung</b>


    Brady Nelson Memorial* Spirit of DC Tri: Margaret Moral: Her spirit is infectious

    Club Member of the Year: No one represents the club better than Ed Moser

    Most Improved female: Cindy Hutchings. Qualified for ITU World, won her age group in the Nations tri and a bunch of other races. Her results have been spectacular this year. If there are club members that have reached the podium more times than Cindy this year, that number is probably less than the number of fingers that I have on one hand.

    Veteran Athlete of the Year: Kelly Lefler. Not only does she podiums, she volunteers for the club at more atctivies than most, and participate in more DCTri club activities than 95% of the general membership.  Qualified for Boston for the first time this year and made the DCTri Club Elite Team.  That’s a pretty impressive resume for the year


    To answer the above question (a tad late): yes, nominations are an open process.

    Keep the nominations coming!


    I also nominate for Rob Read for DC Tri Spirit Award. He volunteers at many events and organizes many activities for the Cap Hill group.

    Most improved female: Joanne Gribbler. Cycling and hills were not her strength but she greatly improved her cycling throughout the year to complete her first Ironman at Lake Placid.

    Rookie female: Claire Zeng started coming to Masters Swim in the beginning of the year to prepare for her first triathlon which was a half! She survived and her swimming considerably improved that she graduated from the slow lane.


    <b>Brady Nelson Memorial* Spirit of DC Tri</b>  – Joyce Jones – she has been one of the most supportive members of this club in all that she does while keeping a beautiful smile on her face.

    <b>Most Improved</b> Female: Jan Bauer – Jan put her head down and dug in this year to tackle her first Ironman.  She is one of the most diligent and determined athletes I have ever met.  There were long days, hard days, hot days, set backs and PRs along the way and Jan did a wonderful job of soaking in the entire experience and learning the entire time.  Jan had PRs at most of her races this year including half IM and IM distance races.  And she surprised even herself with her swim time at IM Santa Rosa – consistent steady progress pays off and Jan is a great example of that.

    Male: Pat Ramos – Pat had some great results and got himself a slot to race at 70.3 Worlds in Chattanooga.  It’s great to see him get rewarded for his consistent effort.

    <b>Veteran Athlete of the Year</b> Female: Cindy Hutchings – Cindy is truly a role model.  She had great performances this year at AG Nationals and AG Worlds.  Cindy is consistently making steady progress and earning solid results that often get overlooked.
    Male: Justin Bauer – Justin worked his tail off this year.  His resume reflects that with PRs in pretty much every distance raced (Half marathon, Half Ironman, Ironman X2, Oly Tri) and multiple podiums throughout the season.  Even through some minor setbacks in his IM build he kept his head up and still had a top 20 performance in the toughest AG at the race.  He came back to improve upon that performance at Ironman #2 and crack the top 10 with an 8th place finish.  I don’t think it’s long before we see him taking a step on the Ironman podium and battling for a Kona slot.

    Jay Cochran

    I nominate Joyce Jones for the Brady Nelson Memorial* Spirit of DC Tri


    Brady Nelson Memorial: Since Brady was one of the first members of the DC Tri Club’s masters program, I nominate masters head coach James Chu. James has not only been a coach for several years, as head coach, he has taken the program to the next level with original video content, an engaging Facebook presence, and adding structure and recordkeeping to the workouts to ensure swimmers receive challenging workouts and are pushed to improve. James’s focus on the masters program means perhaps fewer people know his name, but his impact on the club is solid and we are grateful for his involvement and encouragement.

    Most improved: Michaela Hackner. Michaela has been a club member for several years, slowly but steadily building up her race resume from olympic to half ironman to full ironman in 2016. This year, she kicked it up yet another notch: after months of diligent training, she qualified for the Boston Marathon for the first time. She also started working with a coach to improve her swim stroke, leading to a massive mindset shift: the swim is not awful after all! She quickly followed this by tackling SwimRun North Carolina–a challenging combination of nine runs and eight swims, finishing (with fellow DC Tri clubber Amanda Melillo) as the 7th female team overall, including a team of pros. Way to go!

    David Eng

    Please excuse spelling errors or missing last names.

    Spirit of DC Tri: Joyce Jones, cos lbvs, she’s cheery AF!

    Club Member of the Year: Becky Hirself,  for organizing all the club races and and all the other things I don’t know about.

    Most improved, female: Cindy Hutchings. I hundo p. agree with dsgrunning.

    Most improved, male: David Payne, This dude is a bit sus, but I’m a huge #stan, cuz he’s been quietly improving his Ironman record from 14:37 (2013 Lake Placid) to 11:35 (2017 Louisville).

    Rookie, female: Janeth Rivera, she’s a fighter and finished her first tri this year with NTP.

    Rookie, male: Balaji, he’s super active in his first year, participating in NTP, club duathlon, splash and dash, Saturday rides, training/camping weekend, etc etc.

    Veteran, female: Holli Finneren, cuz she crushed it at Kona.

    Veteran, male: Sean Casey, this dude slays, conquering Otillo and North Pole marathon.





    Last call for Club Award Nominations! They are due by midnight tonight!

    Treasurer | DC Triathlon Club

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