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David Eng

I cast my ballot.  I hope the new Board can consider bringing back monthly happy hours rather than replacing them with member meetings, tailgates, tri prom.  In my opinion, monthly happy hours serve separate purpose and serve different types of members relative to the other events.  For example, time commitment for HH could be minimum of 30-60 mins whereas member meetings require 60 to 90 mins and there’s more lecturing + merchant partner promo talk than socialization at member meetings.

I also ask that the new Board re-consider the prior Board decision to eliminate Program-specific Facebook pages, such as NTP, OSP, ODP pages.  While the new website looks pretty, the functionality underneath the prettiness is severely lacking.  For example, having to login to post or reply to a thread and fight through the CAPTCHA “examination” is too time-consuming.  Even searching for THIS thread required me to use the Search function, because scrolling through the forum subject title would not show this thread.  In contrast, I’m already logged in on Facebook, twitter, instagram on my phone.

Finally, I ask that the Board Meeting minutes be timely posted.  The website only has meeting minutes up to August 2017.

I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, because I am thoroughly grateful for the service of each and every Board member, and I have very much enjoyed participating in the events that you put a lot of time and effort into organizing like the Splash and Dash, Tri Prom, Deep Creek Camping weekend.  I also know you have the club’s interest at heart.  But at the end of the day, I think there are many things the club can improve on and I hope the Board can focus less on “quantity” and “club branding”, and focus more on membership “quality” and “relationships”.  One example of quantity is a 10% discount at various running/bike partner stores means nothing when Amazon still has a cheaper price.  For reasons that some of you may already know, I did not run for the Board due to upcoming life circumstances and that’s why I’m posting my thoughts here.

-David Eng