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Adam Stolzberg

Ryan, thanks for kicking off this Sat’s ride on the early side.  This ride falls under the leadership of the director of Club training last I checked, which is why I didn’t post till now as to not step on any toes or complicate matters.  Allison, feel free to chime in when you get a chance but it seems like the annual Spring “reminder” post is needed for this Sat’s ride given the forecast is FINALLY being favorable.

I’ll try and make this simple:
1) Read the first post of this forum (link) paying attention to <b>Required </b>and <b>General Rules</b>.  Please know, print or save the route offline to your phone if needed.  We regroup at the BP; know where that is. 😉
2) We’ll officially <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>start at 8:10 (Capitol Hill) and 8:30 (Georgetown) until further notice</span> which will be May or June if we’re lucky.  Note the extended forecast calls for the next three Sat’s, after this one, to be about 15 deg cooler than this Sat.  We’ll switch to 7:10/7:30 once the real heat and humidity are here.  You’ll know!
3) Please obey all traffic laws.  Safety is key and it makes the Club and us look bad when people blow thru red lights and stop signs.  Don’t be that guy/gal.

Post here if you’ve looked thru the first post of this thread that explains everything and still have questions.
Cheers and see ya Sat in Georgetown.  SOOO looking fwd to the moderate temps!!
– Adam