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Survey response about value of membership: It’s a small upfront fee but the discounts make up for it. DC tri is like a large public university. It’s easy to feel lost at first but once you find your subgroup, you’re good.

President’s reply:

I have never heard the Club referred to as a large public university! haha That’s pretty good! It is very easy to feel lost or intimidated in the Club because it is so large and because we have so many moving pieces. We try to make the Club welcoming and friendly but doing that on a large scale is kind of tough especially in very densely populated city with horrible urban planning for road systems. That’s why we have encouraged the formation of subgroups within the Club. Whether they are just informal circles of friends, official community groups, or program participants, we want to make sure everyone feels welcome and that sense of feeling lost or intimidated passes quickly!


We all know traffic and commuting in DC can be horrendous, even on the weekends, so trying to get into DC for a workout or happy hour can be almost impossible (and traffic will get even worse when Amazon starts bringing its people into the area!). But that’s why the region based community groups developed. If you can’t get to a club-wide event or happy hour, maybe you can make it to one in your neighborhood. So if you’re feeling lost or intimidated by the larger Club, then please start smaller and start participating in one of the Community Groups and get settled there and then branch out! Check out our Community Groups here:


We also have applications open for new DCTriClub ambassadors. These will be guinea pig crew of club members whose aim is to bring a welcoming and un-intimidating atmosphere to group training and group socials. They will be posting workouts that are open for anyone to join! These will not be Elite Team folks so you don’t have to be intimidated by speed! If anyone is interested in applying, please go to the Training Ambassador page!

DCTriClub Ambassador Information Page»

In summary, I am happy that you have found a place in the club and that you no longer feel lost! I hope others can follow in your footsteps and find their place! Thank you for making this comment!

President | DC Triathlon Club