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We know the weather is finally getting nice and today was definitely an example of just how amazingly gorgeous this area’s weather can be, but as long as the DMV area is under “stay at home” orders with physical distancing orders in place, the Club will not sanction or organize the weekly Saturday rides.

We still support everyone riding on your own or with those who you are self-isolating/quarantining with and not in larger groups. It sucks, we know. But until we stop the spread of this virus and get proper safety protocols in place (i.e. regular testing capacity), we will follow the guidelines of our regional governments.

David, our Director of Communications (the guy who sends you the awesome weekly newsletter), has been doing an incredible job of weekly Strava challenges for everyone to get out there and do some rides from a distance while challenging each other. We encourage you to follow us on Strava ( and take on these challenges. And who knows…. there MIGHT be prizes for those who ride these challenges the fastest… or who rides the MOST challenges!

President | DC Triathlon Club