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Greetings all!

As mentioned in the latest COVID-19 update, we are going to begin supporting/organizing the Saturday Club ride again starting this coming weekend (Saturday August 1st). We will require that every rider have a mask/gaiter and use them during times of stoppage or if caught up on a group of riders. We encourage groups of no more than 5 riders to ride together and to use your mask as much as possible when around others. We are not going to be policing everyone because we are all adults here, but we want you to be smart about this: the pandemic is not behind us, but we can be smart and safe about how we gather. If you do not feel safe gathering for a group ride, we totally understand and encourage you to still get out there and ride your bike and train with your quaran-family.

Please refer to the first page for details on times, locations, routes, distances, paces, drops, etc. Quick reference though:

  • When: Saturday mornings, clip in and depart from Capitol Hill at 7:10am (summer hours) / 8:10am (winter hours), rolling pick up in Georgetown at 7:30am (summer hours) / 8:30am (winter hours).
  • Where: Ride departs from 8th and Penn SE at 7:10am/8:10am and rolls through Georgetown for a pick-up at Wisconsin and M NW at 7:30am/8:30am. We roll through quickly so be ready to jump on at 7:30am/8:30am sharp.

Obviously, we are on summer hours (not sure how anyone could mistake this weather for winter… 😛 ), so I will see you all at 7:30AM at the PNC Bank at Wisconsin & M NW on Saturday!

President | DC Triathlon Club