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I had an awesome DCTriClub Saturday Club Group Ride of 1 last weekend! Got in a nice 50 mile ride and JUST missed the NTP Bike Handling Clinic on my way home but saw some of them riding home and got to chat with them for a bit!


Who’s in for this Saturday (4/9)?

Let’s continue with winter hours this weekend (8:15 in CapHill and 8:30 at the PNC in Georgetown) since again it’ll be a bit chilly to start the day (and I need the beauty sleep), though it warmed up beautifully last Saturday so I’m hoping for the same again this weekend.

I’m planning on heading out to the BP for 30-40 miles or more depending on who shows up and how far folks want to go. I didn’t head for coffee afterward since I was by me lonesome, but if others show up, then I’m happy to  head back to Georgetown for some coffee and snacks at Blue Bottle Coffee (behind the old Dean & DeLuca).

Head on over to the DCTriClub Cue Sheets page for route information in addition to other routes that many of us do all over the area. All of our Cue Sheets are hosted on our RideWithGPS club account and active club members get full access to the premium navigation features (turn by turn directions on your phone; voice navigation; etc.) of RideWithGPS. You can download the app in your favorite app store.

Hope to see some DCTri faces there! I’ll meet y’all in G’town for the start (I was 4 minutes late last week and thought I MIGHT have missed y’all, but I never saw anyone on MacArthur).