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I didn’t realize that our website is blocked outside of the US and wasn’t able to submit some nominations. Fortunately everyone that I wanted to nominate has been listed!

For the Spirit of DC Tri, I second Juene Radar. She is always cheering on others, particularly NTP’ers, and encouraging folks to get more involved with the club. She also brought and setup all the club gear for Eagleman which was supposed to be her 2nd half, was all checked in, but then came down with COVID and had to withdrawal which was pretty heartbreaking. Despite the setback she came back to do some other half’s later in the year.

For club member of the year, I second Jules Bilowich who helped out a ton with training including being the camp lead for both camping weekends, organizing lots of activities including a brewery ride and a swim that later became a picnic/bricknic (those darn jellyfish), and being one of the co-leads of the Hains Point and Georgetown ride.

Also Kelly Lefler without which the training camps wouldn’t be possible. She drove to both training camps the morning of including a 3 hour drive to Deep Creek Lake since we didn’t have a SAG. It was a good thing since we ended up with 2 people having mechanical problems!

For Most Improved, Verna. As Bryan mentioned, she hasn’t been able to do a triathlon since her stroke. Despite that she has found a way to still be involved through volunteering and cheering on DC Tri folks at races. She volunteered at most of the featured races including Diamond in the Rough, Luray, Ironman Maryland, and Waterman’s.

For Rookie of the year, Mijal for spearheading the Hains Point rides and a B group for the Sat ride.