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    It is that time of the year. Triathlon race season is winding down and we start to look back over the course of the year. At our races. At the friends we made. At the fun that we have had. Every year at the club’s Annual Meeting, we give out some fun awards to our members nominated and voted on by their teammates! Put on your thinking cap and reflect back over the year to gather your nominees! We are so pleased to bring these awards back and look forward to seeing great nominees.

    We are now accepting nominations for the following awards for the 2019 year:

    • Brady Nelson Memorial* Spirit of DC Tri (cheers everyone on, wears DC Tri, etc.; essentially the DC Tri Club mascot)
    • Club Member of the Year (someone who represents the Club as a whole)
    • Most Improved (male AND female)
    • Rookie of the Year (male AND female) (their first year doing triathlon) (Female most improved is the Courtney Waltimyer Most Improved Female Award)
    • Veteran Athlete of the Year (male AND female) (not their first year doing triathlon)

    If you would like to nominate someone for one of these categories, please do so below. This is an open nomination process, so yes, it is public. Nominees must be current Club members. The nominees will be included on the ballot with the Board of Directors elections and the winners will be announced at the Annual Meeting on December 10th. Please submit all nominations by 11:59 pm on Sunday, November 6.

    We ask that you please nominate people for discrete categories and be clear which award you are nominating them for when posting. And yes, people can be nominated for multiple categories (except for rookie and veteran, obviously).

    Reach out to me at President@dctriclub.org with any questions!

    President | DC Triathlon Club


    For Veteran Athlete, nominating for male Glenn Thomas, a NTP coordinator, and for female, a tie, Cindy Hutchings for performance, and Kyoko K. for NTP and track coordination.


    For rookie, male Carlos the Quick Andino, who overcame swim fears to medal in his initial events, and female Mijal Altmann, who ably helped manage the Wednesday sunset rides & the Saturday “Team Bravo” rides, et al.


    Ntm rookie Justin Sanak, with a very fast Waterman and later a quick Half Iron.


    Whoops. Justin is not rookie. Maybe just most improved.

    Charles Taylor

    I nominate Jules Bilowich for Club Member of the Year, and Mijal Altmann for Rookie of the Year (Female)

    Juene Rader

    I second or third Mijal for Rookie of the Year.  Not only was she an active NTP participant, but then she organized the WED, and SAT B group rode, as an NTPr.  Truly appreciated her understanding of the clubs wants, and belong to facilitate them.

    Juene Rader

    Club Member of the Year- I think David is it!  He does more for the club than anyone will ever know.  I appreciate how he has supported me as a member, and supported my knowledge gap my first year in the board, but I love more than anything else, hearing how he quietly supported so many others.  “Without a David I would not have….”  Is heard all the time. Thank you David.

    Liz Baugher

    Id like to nominate  Natalia Szlarb for Veteran Athlete of the year Female. Throughout Pregnancy and all she kicked ass representing us well at races and cheering for others at events.

    Joseph Shields – Veteran Athlete of the year Male.

    Kelly Lefler- Club Member of the year

    Byran Frank- Brady Nelson


    John Sener

    I’d like to nominate myself for Most Improved (Male). My improvements this year included:

    – Improved Sprint PB by 8 minutes
    – Improved Olympic PB by 14 minutes
    – Finished 1st ever half tri (and 1st ever half marathon in the process!) on first try (at Waterman’s)
    – Improved USAT Ranking score by seven points (from 59.9 to 66.9)
    – Improved USAT Ranking place by 20 percentage points (as of 11/2/22 —from 17th to 37th %ile)

    My hope is to stimulate more nominations from members who share their even more impressive improvements so that we can all appreciate what amazing progress club members have made this year!


    Katie Hosteny

    Juene Rader for Veteran Athlete of the Year. Juene has completed in what seems like 1,000 races this year (Ironman 70.3 Ohio, Ironman 70.3 North Carolina, the double at Watermans, Diamond in the Rough, Army 10-miler, Marine Corps Marathon, and many more…and the year isn’t over yet! Go Juene.

    Justin Sanak

    Yeah, I’m definitely not a rookie. I feel like Carlos Andino is a great fit for Most Improved: he’s been so focused on learning swimming technique and picking up all the small parts of triathlon like transitioning.

    I’m going to echo Charles in saying Mijal should get Female Rookie of the Year and Jules should get Club Member of the Year. Mijal is so involved in everything the club does that I could swear she’s a board member. And Jules has been a welcoming, steady hand at the tiller of almost every event I’ve come to with the team.

    Kyoko Kawai

    I would like to nominate the 2022 NTP leadership team (Catharine Myung, Glenn Thomas, Hernando Herrera, Ian McDonough, Juene Rader, Jules Bilowich, Julie Billingsley, Kyoko Kawai, Lauren Pittenger and Melani Robinson) for the Club Member of the Year.  Each member contributed in various ways, and without each contribution we could not deliver what we were able to offer to the 2022 New Triathlete Program.

    Catharine and Juene took care of the weekly newsletter (for 21 weeks).  “Newsletter Monday” was always “Challenge Monday” because additions/changes to the newsletter usually happened at the last minutes every Monday.  They also took care of social media to keep NTP FB and Instagram lively and informative!

    Glenn made himself available to answer/advise about any bike questions from NTP participants.  He took care of all bike clinics (Bike 101/ Bike buying/Bike Handling/ Bike Maintenance).  He also started the Wednesday evening NTP ride at Hains Point and his legacy ride has been continued by NTP graduates.  He also acted as DC Tri Club “MacGyver” to solve bike mechanic problems NTP participants encountered during the group rides.

    Jules coordinated group workouts and continued Glenn’s legacy Wednesday evening ride with 2022 NTP participants.  She also worked with Hernando to coordinate the NTP mentor and mentee arrangements.

    What a blessing to have swim instructors/experts in the leadership team!  Julie and Ian provided additional swim clinics to NTP beyond the regular March swim clinic.   Ian also put together a “resource document” to provide additional insight into triathlon training and goal race preparation.

    In the Spring of 2022, we were still facing “Covid” challenge to provide socializing opportunities.  Melani was in charge of organizing Happy Hour at the venue where participants could feel comfortable socializing under the “Covid” alert environment.  Also Melani and Lauren’s presence supporting various clinics and events (bike handling, swim clinic, transition clinic, etc.) were incredibly helpful.

    Bottom line is that the team used each person’s strengths and represented the DC Tri Club to pass on our enthusiasm about triathlon to the class of 2022 NTP!




    Kyoko Kawai

    I am nominating Bryan Frank, David Jiang and Juene Radar for the Brady Nelson Memorial Sprit of DC Tri.

    They are supportive, reliable, productive and passionate about training and racing triathlon!

    Bryan always provides a hand where the club needs the support most.  His commitment to the club and triathlon is top notch.

    David Jiang is always smiling even during competing 140.6 ironman race.

    Just like Brady, Juene never forgets having fun racing in addition to racing and training hard.


    Kyoko Kawai

    Most Improved Male:

    I am nominating Erik Guercio for the Most Improved Male.  He is a DC Tri Club Elite Team athlete.  So, it must be hard to improve from where he already was to next level.  He increased swim training this year.  Voila!  He improved his swim time significantly at the Luray Olympic Triathlon and placed 1st in Masters.


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