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    Hello DCTC! First and foremost, I miss racing and this community so very much and hope you all are staying healthy and well. That being said, I signed up for a sprint this summer (Rock Hall) and it will be my first race since 2019. I’d like to know if anyone has completed any races in 2020, and what type of COVID safety measures did the organizers have in place? Can anyone share their experience, so I know what to expect this summer? Thanks in advance!


    I answer this as the USAT Regional Officials Coordinator for this region.  If you visit the USA Triathlon website and look for “safe return to racing” you can view the USAT “safe return to multisport initiative“.  As for actual races.  Last summer one of the local race directors put on a limited field race.  In talking to three of my officials, that participated as athletes, everyone indicated that all of the athletes adhered to the guidelines.  This particular event had a time trial start.  Bikes were racked further apart than what we were used to.  While waiting for the time trial start, athletes wore masks and maintained “social distancing”  Another race was held in early October that used officials.  In the post race paperwork, the head official indicated that the Race Director followed the suggested guidelines, athletes respected the social distancing guidelines before and after the race, and wore masks when not racing.   She indicated that she felt “safe” the entire time.  Hope this helped, good luck this season!


    I did the Hagerstown Duathlon where I believe they followed the USAT guidelines. The bikes were spaced out more in transition so instead of having 6-7 bikes per rack it was only 3 which felt luxurious. It was a timed start and you had to wear a face covering when not racing. They had bin at the start if you wanted to drop your mask and also gave out disposable masks at the finish line in case you didn’t have one. For the aid stations, they gave out water in plastic water bottles and I think the snacks were individually wrapped.

    I also did a running race and it was cupless so you had to bring your own water bottle or inflatable cup. That might be something to practice if you aren’t used to running long distances carrying a water bottle. I think it depends on the race though and some will give little plastic water bottles like the Hagerstown Duathlon.

    Depending on the race, there may not be an awards ceremony to avoid congregating at the end. For example, the Ex2 trail races I believe they mail them to you.

    Overall, it felt safe and it was nice to be able to race again.


    Hi folks, thanks so much for the feedback! This is very helpful, especially coming from those that actually participated in these events. Now I know to bring a few disposable masks to the race in preparation for the TT start wait. Appreciate any other hints, but also hoping/praying our situation will be generally better this summer compared to last.


    Should never have cancelled events. Pro and college sports handled it, with elan and safety and creativity, why not others? Rise to, don’t cower from, the challenge.

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