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    In conjunction with Pacers Running and Rose Physical Therapy Group, get 15 minutes one-on-one with a Rose physical therapist.

    During your time slot, you will have a chance to have a licensed physical therapist take a look at any of your injuries or nagging issues. We can also help with basic run and race preparation by taking you through a few stretches helping you feel limber and ready to go!

    Sign up here:

    While you’re at it, get to know the great people at Pacers and about their free fun run groups that are super fun and a great way to get your mileage in with a group of serious runners. Fun for this group is running, and they do everything from track workouts to long runs on various days of the week.

    Want to learn more about Pacers fun runs? Rose has been supporting Pacers since we opened, and here’s a few films we made about our work together:

    Shack Track & Field runs:

    Pacers Fun Runs:

    Profiling one of the fun run leaders:

    Pacers fun runs with Rose:


    BTW the password for this event signup is “RosePTPacerrs26

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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