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    2023 Swim for the Potomac

    An open water festival for all ages and all abilities! 2 days, featuring long-course tri distances and more.

    Swim for the Potomac is an all ages oriented event dedicated to bringing awareness to Washington DC’s grandest natural resource, the Potomac River. Not only is the river home to a growing number of swimming paddling and rowing competitions, recreation, tourism, but it also supplies the drinking water to most of the metropolitan area. It ultimately lies with each of us to protect the health of the river.

    Registration Swim Distances: Saturday 9/23 – 500/1000/1500 meter Splash – 10K meters

    Sunday 9/24 2.5K meters – 5K meters – 1.2 or 2.4 miles

    Swimmers may sign up for one event on each day. Enter discount code 2events to save 50% on the second event.

    Locale–North Cove/Commercial Pier at National Harbor, MD 20745 All ages are welcome. All entries include a WaveOne Open Water membership for race days. Late registrants (within 7 days of the race date) may not receive t-shirts due to the limited quantity. T-shirts will be distributed on a first registration basis. For more information go to (https://www.waveoneopenwater.com/swim-for-the-potomac)

    TIMELINE Saturday September 23, 2023 Event 1 – 10K Check in opens 0645 Safety Briefing 0710 Start 0715 Event 2 – Potomac Splash 500/1000/1500 Check in opens 0730 Safety Briefing 0800 Start Event 2 0815 Sunday September 24, 2023 Event 3 – Tri-Swims 1.2/2.4 mile Check in opens 0715 Safety Briefing 0745 Start Combined 0800 Event 4 – 5K Check in opens 0745 Safety Briefing 0820 Start 5K 0830 Event 5 – 2.5K Check in opens 0745 Safety Briefing 0820 Start 2.5K 0840 Clear water 1100



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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