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    Posting on behalf of Gregory Leger, the Captain of the Men’s Change Tent for Ironman Maryland. They are in need of volunteers! This a great way to see how an Ironman works or support clubbers doing the race, particularly since this is the goal race for the Ironman program this year. If you have any questions please email Greg at legerg@gmail.com
    I am the captain of the men’s change tent for Ironman Maryland and I still need quite a few more volunteers to help out.  Could you please reach out to your club on my behalf to recruit some more people.  It is a cool position to volunteer for as you can have a big impact on helping out the amazing athletes that might be in need of some positive energy, encouragement, or a quick transition.  The link to volunteer is below and please tell anyone interested to reach out to me if they have any questions.  The shift times are:
    7-10am (need 1 more person)
    12-3:30pm (need 8 more people)
    3-6pm (need 6 more people)
    There is also one more spot, 12-3:30pm, that needs to be filled for the women’s change tent.
     Thank you for your help.

    Gregory Leger, the Captain of the Men’s Change Tent for Ironman Maryland, is still desperately in need of male volunteers for the men’s change tent.  They need 8 guys for the 12-3:30pm shift and 5 guys for the 3-6pm shift as these are going to be the busiest times for the change tent. If you can help out, here’s the link to sign up:
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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