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There are many worthy club members that qualify for each of these slots.  Here are just some of the names:

Spirit of DC Tri Award: Ed Moser (club historian), Bipin Badhe (great spirit and energy), Cynthia Steele (great spirit and energy), Glenn Thomas, David Jiang (should get the award every year), Joyce Jones (great spirit and energy).

Rookie of the Year:  Abri Nelson.

Veteren: Tuan (trains hard and loves doughnuts), Bryan Frank, Adam Stolzberg, Courtney Benedict (and her sherpa husband Ron, who supported her training efforts).

Club Member of the Year: Becky Auyer (trained hard, raced hard, did the Arlington Hill Ride more times with me than any other DC Tri member), Cynthia Steele (trained & raced hard, great energy and organization), Rebecca Allyn (race director, always helping out at events, trained hard, raced hard), Adam Stolzberg (trained hard, race hard, helpful mentor to others), David Jiang (he should win every year).

Most Improved: Margaret Moral, David Payne, Danielle Worthington.