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    It is that time of the year. Triathlon race season is winding down and we start to look back over the course of the year. At our races. At the friends we made. At the fun that we have had. Every year at the club’s Annual Meeting & Kona Viewing Party, we give out some fun awards to our members nominated and voted on by their teammates! Put on your thinking cap and reflect back over the year to gather your nominees!

    We are now accepting nominations for the following awards for the 2018 year:

    • Brady Nelson Memorial* Spirit of DC Tri (cheers everyone on, wears DC Tri, etc.; essentially the DC Tri Club mascot)
    • Club Member of the Year (someone who represents the Club as a whole)
    • Most Improved (male AND female)
    • Rookie of the Year (male AND female) (their first year doing triathlon)
    • Veteran Athlete of the Year (male AND female) (not their first year doing triathlon)

    If you would like to nominate someone for one of these categories, please do so below. Nominees must be current Club members. The nominees will be included on the ballot with the Board of Directors elections and the winners will be announced at the Annual Meeting & Kona Viewing Party on a date to be announced. Please submit all nominations by 11:59 pm on Friday November 2nd.

    We ask that you, please nominate people for discrete categories. And yes, people can be nominated for multiple categories (though nominating someone for both rookie and veteran might be a bit questionable).

    Happy Club Award Nomination Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

    Treasurer | DC Triathlon Club

    *If you would like to learn more about Brady Nelson and why we are honoring him with a memorial award, please visit this Facebook link and read the comments: Brady Nelson Memorium»


    Brady Nelson: Brody Garner

    Club Member of the Year: Joyce Jones

    Most Improved: Troy Adkins

    Veteran Athlete: Kyle Simpson

    • Brady Nelson Memorial* Spirit of DC Tri:  Ed Moser
    • Club Member of the Year: David Jiang
    • Most Improved: Becky Auyer
    • Veteran Athlete of the Year: Courtney Benedict
    • Brady Nelson Memorial* Spirit of DC Tri (female):  Holli Finneren
    • Club Member of the Year (female): Joyce Jones
    • Most Improved (male): Rob Read
    • Veteran Athlete of the Year (male): Bryan Frank
    Jorge Alvarez
    • Brady Nelson Memorial* Spirit of DC Tri: Brody Garner and Joyce Jones
    • Club Member of the Year: Bryan Frank
    • Rookie of the Year: Can I nominate myself? Jorge Alvarez 🙂
    • Veteran Athlete of the Year: Duh… Bryan Frank
    • Brady Nelson Memorial* Spirit of DC Tri (cheers everyone on, wears DCTri, etc.; essentially the DCTriClub mascot) – Joyce Jones
    • Club Member of the Year – Margaret Moral – she’s just always smiling 🙂
    • Most Improved – Angela Norcross – steady and consistent.  From a 15+ hour IM 2 years ago to a sub-14 this year for her second.   David Payne – I’m just amazing at the leaps and bounds of improvement everytime this guy races.
    • Veteran Athlete of the Year – Sarah Karpinski – Sarah and I did our first IM together in 2012 and since then I’ve watched her improve and chase her dream to the Big Island and absolutely never ever give up.  She has been so close for a few years now and I’m so happy that she gets to experience Kona this year.  Justin Bauer- He’s really put the work in over the years and has excelled at distances from sprint to Ironman.   He had some great short course races this year and earned himself a spot to ITU Worlds in 2019.
    • Brady Nelson Memorial* Spirit of DC Tri – Ed Moser
    • Club Member of the Year – Adam Stolzberg
    • Most Improved – Bipin Badhe
    • Rookie of the Year – ?
    • Veteran Athlete of the Year – Rebecca Auyer

    Most improved (Female):  Carol Braun

    Carol did her first tri in 2011, but really turned up the heat when she raced her first Ironman in Chattanooga in 2017.  She had a 12:25:28 finish, which placed her in the top 10% in her AG, and qualified her for Nationals. This year she focused on getting faster at the Olympic distance and her results were fantastic:  3rd AG at Rock Hall OLY; 1st AG at Diamond in the Rough OLY; 3rd AG at Colonial Beach OLY; and most impressively, at Nationals in Cleveland she qualified for Team USA at ITU Worlds!  And to top it off she qualified for the Boston Marathon at September’s International Peace Marathon.  2018 has been a great year for Carol.  Congrats!


    Here are a few of the many worthies:

    Member of Year–Adam Stolzberg (consistently high race performances for a decade) and Rebecca Auyer.

    Spirit–Cynthia Steele and Bipin Badhe/James Chu.

    Most Improved–Margaret Moral and Byran Frank.

    Veteran–Holli Finneran and Glenn Thomas/Tuan Nguyen

    Rookie of Year–Tough one to gauge, as NTP was more cloistered this year.

    Least Valuable Players–The rain and the heat.


    I think one should be excluded for falling off the bike! A few nominations:

    Spirit of DC Tri: Margaret Moral who is always super positive, cheering everyone on with her beagles.
    Most Improved: Margaret Moral who finished her first Ironman and made it look easy smiling the whole way.
    Club member of the year: James Chu for tirelessly writing all those weekly emails for Masters Swim not to mention helping a number of us improve our swim.
    Rookies of the Year: Claire Wilson and Sam Cretcher who were among the first to finish at Williamsburg. You’ll often find Sam at Masters Swim. He also survived the SavageMan ride last year at Deep Creek training camp before finding out and signing up for NTP this year!

    Valerie Boulet
    1. Club member of the year: James Chu
    2. Spirit of DC Tri: Bipin Badhe

    Rookie of the Year – Abri Nelson


    I second James Chu as club member of the year for his amazing leadership with Masters Swimming. Thanks James for coaching me through my first Bay Bridge swim. Hope you will join me in the water next year!

    My totally biased nomination for most improved male is my husband Brian Waud for knocking two hours off his 70.3 time from ~7:30 at Musselman 2017 to ~5:30 in Atlantic City 2018. I’m so impressed with his dedication and the hard work he’s put into training.

    For spirit of DC TRI I would also second Bipin Badhe – he is always out there encouraging community development and bringing folks together for weekend rides.




    Spirit of DC Tri:  Ed Moser, Bipin Badhe, Cythnia Steele, Ed Moser, Glenn Thomas.

    Rookie of the Year: Abri Nelson

    Veteran: Tuan, Bryan Frank

    Club Member of the Year: Becky Auyer

    Most Improved: Margaret Moral


    Two more weeks of nominations to go! Keep them going! So great to see so many new names being nominated! 🙂

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