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    I have been looking for information on the website with little success.

    I am very interested in the clinics described for the training programs, especially the half-ironman program.  But I have my own coach who sets my training plan, but we don’t work hands-on.  Without abandoning my coach, I wouldn’t really get much benefit from joining the program except for the clinics.

    Does the DC Triathlon Club put on similar clinics for non-program members (on a fee basis, I assume) or are clinics only given as part of the training programs?



    What kind of clinics are you looking for?


    Mainly the form clinics, swim, bike, or run but especially the swim and bike.  But several of them look interesting.


    Keep your eyes peeled on the forums and the weekly club newsletter. Clinics pop up from time to time.

    For example, last fall there was a great running clinic at Rose PT for club members. The PTs put us up on the treadmill and recorded how we ran and then reviewed what could be improved. This was combined with a clinic on mobility exercises targeted towards running. It was really great.

    A couple of years ago – and what motivated me to join the club – there was an open water clinic and informal sprint followed by a cookout. It was pretty great.




    Thanks for the shoutout for Rose, Lee!

    Just to followup with what I know:

    Swim clinics are coming up. The 4-part program is excellent, inexpensive, and open to everyone. There will be other spot check clinics in development for swimming, such as how to do flip turns.

    At Rose we are focusing more on training and injury prevention seminars now, with running seminars coming up around Sept-August (i.e. the start of running season). We have some TRX seminars coming up and will announce them soon.

    The DC Tri Elite team has been putting on a one-day seminar concurrent with brick-nic (or whatever it’s called–it’s a mini tri) that could be helpful.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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