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    Brian Decot

    Hi everyone, I am an NTP-er this year and I missed the window to order my race suit.  Go me.

    Are there any taller (6′ or above) and bigger (>200lbs) guys that could spare one of their XL tri-tops or one piece suits?  I would be willing to pay full price!  I just want to represent the club on my upcoming races, particularly the goal race in June at the Jamestown Triathlon Festival.

    Thank you!


    We are actually preparing to offload some of the Louis Garneau cycling and triathlon gear that is the old color scheme (darker blue; lighter red; but design is the exact same) that we have in stock. I know there are men’s XL tops and one piece suits among that gear, so if you’re okay with the older color scheme, then it looks like we will have you covered!

    Stay tuned as we get everything set up to offload that gear. It will be first come, first serve and is already in stock (the gear is actually sitting in boxes in my living room right now), so it’s ready to get to you as soon as you purchase. We’re just getting the purchase process figured out and the store set up. So stay tuned!


    Brian Decot

    Great, thank you for the information!  Yes, I am perfectly fine with the older color scheme.  I’ll be standing by for the post.  Since they are already in your possession, (and to avoid shipping charges), would it be possible to pick them up in-person?  If not, I understand.  Thank you!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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