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    James Pierce

    Hey all, I’m going to be flying with my new bike in a few weeks and looking for a case / bag to take it in. I’m also open to advice as I’ve heard pros and cons of both hard and soft shell cases – and there are horror stories on both sides. I’m hoping to have a good experience and thought I’d reach out to my group here to see if anyone has a case they’d lend, rent or sell me.

    I’ll be gone Sep 10 to Sep 28. I’d prefer to rent or borrow because I just don’t have room in my apt to store it. 🙂 Any help would be much appreciated!


    P.S. It seems Delta (and some others) now consider most bike cases as a regular sized checked luggage. If they are hard shell, I think they don’t make you sign a damage waiver (so they would be on the hook for damage), but still confirming this.

    Brett Werblow

    James – I recently flew with my TT bike and had to research this thoroughly before flying with Delta.  I rented a Scicon TSA 3.0 case from Transition Triathlon bikeshop in Leesburg, VA.  The cost was $100 for 1 week and $6/day after that.  The case was perfect and only weighs about 15#.  My bike flew for free as a checked bag on Delta and no damage.  It is a soft case, so you do sign a release on damage.  Highly recommend this method for flying with your bike.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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