• Thanks for all the great nominations. Love reading through them!

    I reached out to a few of the nominated today to remind them to renew their membership before the election closes (reminder that only members can win awards)!  Don’t forget to do that today or tomorrow!


    Still chance to nominate.  Nominations close on Sunday and midnight and the…[Read more]

  • I’m taking the plunge, throwing myself into consideration for the DC Triathlon Club Board of Directors.  I have been involved in DC Tri Club since 2011 (I think that’s right).  During this time I have volunteered for numerous events including organizing the DC Tri Club water stop at Nation’s Tri for several years.   I have also been involved…[Read more]

  • I nominate Rob Bartusch for most improved male.  His first half this year, while injured was 7:30 at Kinetic.  He worked that down to 5:30 for a later half and did a full in 12:38:02.   He ended the season with 1st in the military male group and 4th in his AG for Waterman’s Olympic.  He’s made great improvements this year by working his tail off…[Read more]