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    We are at 7:30 now.


    Happy Friday!  Just a reminder that we have moved the start time for the remainder of the summer to 7:30.  This isn’t a ride with a set leader, instead informally organized by those attending each week.  Please keep a few ground rules in mind:

    When: Saturday mornings, clip in and depart from Capitol Hill at 7:10am, rolling pick up in Georgetown at 7:30am (summer hours)

    Where: Ride departs from 8th and Penn SE at 7:10am and rolls through Georgetown for a pick-up at Wisconsin and M NW at 7:30am. We roll through quickly so be ready to jump on at 7:30am sharp.

    Pace: All paces welcomed. However , this is *not* a no-drop ride. Use this thread to post your preferred pace and distance to confirm that there will be other riders going at your pace.

    Distance: Anywhere from ~30-40 miles roundtrip to the gas station at the intersection of Falls Rd and River Rd, to 100+ miles. Post your ride goals to this thread to see what people are planning.

    Routes: These are the typical routes we follow with occasional variations to mix it up. Variations are generally decided on the ride. All rides include a rolling pick up in Georgetown at Wisconsin and M NW.

    Our RideWithGPS library with the Saturday ride route options including cue sheets: Saturday Club Ride Routes & Cue Sheets

    Group Ride: Some paceline work, some hills, some re-group breaks.

    Required: Helmet, flat repair kit and a basic knowledge of the ride route in the event of separation.

    General Rules: No riding in aerobars in the pack unless you are pulling in front or slightly off the back. Call out pot holes, obstructions, cars, everything. No matter how obvious you think it is. Don’t roll through a stop light and lead the group into a dangerous scenario – Slow up, regroup, and don’t encourage people to blindly follow you into oncoming traffic. If you’re new to the ride, don’t be intimidated to ask questions. We may not always appear very chipper early on a Saturday morning but we all want a safe, fun ride and are happy to answer questions. For a comprehensive list of ride rules, check out our Rules of Cycling Etiquette.

    Weather Policy: Check latest post for determining factors. Check weather.com “hourly forecast” for 8am Sat in zip 20003 (use the “feels like” temp).

    IF you drop the ride on purpose PLEASE tell someone (preferably the ride leaders) so we don’t go looking for you. Not only is it nice but it is REQUIRED. It is a group ride and we do our best to monitor how many riders we have – we don’t leave people behind and we hold up at top of climbs to re-group.


    Weather forecast is great for Saturday.


    If anyone is interested in an alternative to the usual Saturday club ride this weekend, some of us are heading out to Marshall VA to do the Mt. Weather & Blue Mountain loop (there’s an option to do just Mt. Weather).

    • Date: Saturday 5/28
    • Clip-In Time: 8AM
    • Meeting Location: Marshall VA Community Center (4133 Rectortown Rd, Marshall, VA 20115).
    • Route: Mt.Weather/Blue loop is 68 miles (https://ridewithgps.com/routes/33703102).
    • Alternative route: If you don’t want to do 68 miles, you can do just Mt. Weather loop, which is 55 miles (https://ridewithgps.com/routes/33884327) and hits Naked Mountain. The two routes share the first 35 miles together.
    • Regroup points:
      • Bluemont General Store (Mile 23; your ONLY chance to refuel on the shorter route)
      • Rte 50 intersection – 2nd crossing (Mile 35; where the two route options split)
      • OPTIONAL Shenandoah Farms Grocery (Mile 44; last refueling spot for the longer route)
    • CLIMBING Warning: These routes CLIMB Mt. Weather AND Blue Mountain OR Naked Mountain. These routes are NOT flat.
    • Nutrition & Hydration: Come prepared with enough nutrition and hydration to carry you through at least 30 miles of riding.
    • Feel free to brick run afterward (especially if you’re doing the shorter route).

    Afterward, we’re heading to a nearby winery for wine and snacks. We can discuss winery options during the ride or after; there are many nearby! Please let me know if you are interested, so that we know to be on the lookout for you.



    See y’all at 7:30AM at Georgetown tomorrow! I promise I will NOT be hungover this time! 😛

    Should be awesome riding weather! Thinking maybe a nice 50ish out to the T could be fun!

    Patrick Serfass

    See you there! I’ll be rolling from the Hill at 8th and Penn SE at 7:10.

    Giovanni Tonutti

    7.30 tomorrow 6/11?


    Yep! 7:30AM for 6/11/22. Just watch the rain forecast! 🙁

    Denitsa Apostolova

    Did the ride happen this morning, rain and all? For those that missed the morning ride, a couple of us are meeting at MacArthur Rd and Macomb St corner (direction Great Falls, MD) for an afternoon ride. Forecast seems okay🤞🏻, please email me (denitsa.apostolova@gmail.com) if you are planning on coming but might be running late, so we know to wait a bit for you.


    Who’s riding June 18?

    Ahmad Hassan

    Anyone riding tomorrow, July 2nd, from Capitol Hill at 7:10 AM?

    Justin Sanak

    These days most of us are meeting in Georgetown at 7:30. If nobody shows up to Capitol Hill, keep going.

    Tina Slivka

    Hi – c’mon out this Saturday 7/16 @ 7:30a Georgetown. We’ve had a small but consistent group out for the past ~5 Saturdays and would love to see more riders! The draft makes the ride so much faster 😉 -Tina.


    Kent Island Bike and Bike for me; next time!

    Tyrone Manning

    Hi! I’m new to the group. What’s the ride distance and pace for this Saturday’s ride?

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