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    Chelsey Berlin

    Hi there, Ambassadors! I hope you don’t mind a question to ya’ll posted here.

    I completed my first tri season this year thanks to NTP, and I just signed up for Ironman Maine 70.3 2020 — in my hometown! I’m so freakin’ excited.

    That race is on August 30, and I’m eager to have other races to look forward to next spring/summer. And, that’s why I am writing, I would be so grateful for your help spacing out my 2020 season.

    As a newbie, I don’t know much about how to plan out my races to ensure not only good performance but most importantly injury prevention. The Maine 70.3 is the only long course racing I plan to do in 2020. I’d love to do two other tri races beforehand at either an olympic or sprint distance—I need to work on my transition times—and perhaps Waterman’s (so much fun) afterward Maine. But, perhaps that’s too much considering the run and swim events I’m also interested in — more on that below.

    This season I did the following races:
    5/4 – PeasantMan Sprint; 5/18 Club Duathlon; 6/23 – Club Race Sprint; 7/13 – Diamond in the Rough Oly; 9/27 – Waterman’s Oly.

    I’m thinking of starting my 2020 season with the Rock n Rock half marathon on March 28 because running is my weakest sport and I thought it might be wise to do my first half marathon before my first half Ironman.

    I have an ischiofemoral impingement (IFI), a narrowing of the space between the ischium and the femur, on my right side which is aggravated by running so I need to ramp up my mileage slowly and carefully.

    I’m also thinking about Peaks to Portland race on July 25 which is a 2.4-mile swim in Maine. I thought it would be great practice for ocean water swimming, swimming in a wetsuit, and cold water temps.

    If you are excited to tri-geek out and help me plan, please feel free to reply here or email me at

    Thanks so much for your help!


    Chelsey Berlin,

    You might go to the annual meeting, or this weekend’s NTP events, and ask questions of the veterans.

    Irving Berlin


    Chelsey –

    Love the enthusiasm! The club offers a lot of resources for exactly this kind of question. If you loved the New Triathlete Program then you might want to consider doing the Half Ironman Program that the club offers. As a part of this program you get access to a coach, a training plan, online forums, workshops, and much more. I personally did the program a couple of years ago and got a lot out of it. The program normally starts early in the new year so the timing of your question is perfect. Check it out at Let me know if you have any other questions. We are happy to help!

    All my best,


    Club Ambassador


    Open water swimming?!?  This big dog used to do his ows at Sandy Point in April in prep for IM-CDA (now defunct).    There is nothing like open water swimming.

    James Tingler

    Hey folks,

    I have contacted the event organizer to see if a remote attendance option could be provided e.g. telephone bridge, for the 6Jan20 Strategic Season & Race Planning Seminar.  I live several hours (4+!) away from DC and would love to attend this.  Maybe others could benefit from a remote attendance option as well.


    James Tingler

    Bump!  Just wondering if this is a possibility.

    Thank you!


    Club’s live planning session can be viewed online:



    James Tingler

    A big thank you to Coach AJ and Kelly L. for live streaming the session!  Very informative as evidenced by my six pages of notes!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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