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    Can anyone tell me more about these bike courses? thanks.


    Hi Susan, I would say the Luray bike course is rolling. Some people consider it hilly but I didn’t think it was too bad, less hilly than Columbia Tri if you are familiar with that one. There is a hill at the start and finish but in between there’s a nice descent and then a false flat/gradual climb to go back up and do it again. The only steep hill that I remember is the last one before the finish. We have the bike course here in the club library if you’d like to check it out.

    The run felt more rolling to me than the bike and also got a bit hot with the lack of shade on the backside. Otherwise it’s a pretty course!

    I hear Culpepper is rolling too but don’t know how it compares.



    Thank you. Your explanation is very helpful.


    whne you say colombia tri do you mean the centenial tri, the one cancelled this year?


    Yes the Centennial Tri which I think has the same bike course as the old Columbia Tri (not the new Columbia Association Tri). We used to do the bike loop for the spring Bricknic when they were in Columbia.


    The Luray bike course is infamous for its false flat. You seem to be going on level ground for much of it, while in fact you’re going up a modest incline. So you’re not going as slowly as you think.


    Thanks. I finally did the course yesterday. I’d describe it as hilly, its more numerous hills then Centential (former Colombia tri) lots of gravel on the road.


    How does  Luray Olympic bike course compare to Ft. Ritchie?  Honestly, I like hills but not tough hills.


    Hi Susan, I’ve only ridden the Ft Ritchie sprint course but from what I can tell the olympic is very similar: a short but steep climb in the beginning, then a long descent, then a long climb on the same road towards the end.  Elevation wise it seems roughly the same as Luray so it might depend on whether you like rolling hills or a long climb like Ft Ritchie.


    If it’s any consideration, I think the swim is nicer at Luray as I remember Fort Ritchie having some shallow spots and grass. On the other hand, the run seemed less hilly at Fort Ritchie.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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